Airports Company South Africa SOC Ltd (ACSA Group) is the owner and operator of South Africa’s nine key airports which include the three main international gateways: O.R. Tambo, Cape Town, and King Shaka International Airports. ACSA Group’s offering includes local and cross-border investments in other airports, as well as provision of airport operations/management technical and advisory services.

The Group is predominantly owned by the South African Government, holding a significant 74.6% stake. Our objectives are closely aligned with the national developmental goals, focusing on creation of value for shareholders, socio-economic transformation, and sustainable growth. Our primary responsibility is to provide state-of-the-art airport infrastructure for civil aviation to facilitate seamless flow of trade and tourism within the country and with global markets. Our developmental mandate is guided by the principles set out in the National Development Plan 2030 (NDP). Aviation is integral to building a sustainable social, economic, and political system, and ACSA has an important role to play in supporting the development, safety, and security of our country’s people as well as the sustainability of the natural environment.

Our ongoing mission is to manage airports, enhance and expand our presence, and actively foster inclusive economic participation and growth. Recognising the importance of aviation in establishing a sustainable social, economic, and political system, we acknowledge our vital role in supporting civil aviation development, safety, and security of all users of the national air transport system while ensuring the preservation of the natural environment.

The role of aviation in socio-economic development and environmental sustainability

ACSA conveys a strong dedication to national goals, with a primary emphasis on nurturing value generation for socio-economic change and enduring expansion. Our primary purpose centers around providing cuttingedge airport infrastructure, ensuring smooth facilitation of trade and tourism both domestically and globally. We derive our developmental direction from the National Development Plan 2030 (NDP) goals. Our ongoing mission is to manage airports, enhance and expand our presence, and actively foster inclusive economic participation and growth.

Our mandate

In terms of the Airports Company Act (No. 44 of 1993, as amended), the Group is mandated to undertake the acquisition, establishment, development, provision, maintenance, management, operation and control of any airport, any part of any airport, or any facility or service at any airport that is related to the normal functioning of that airport.


To be the most soughtafter partner in the world for the provision of airport management solutions by 2030.


To acquire, develop and manage world-class airports and related businesses for the benefit of all our stakeholders and the socio-economic development of South Africa.


We define our values through the acronym PRIDE:


Value proposition

Connecting people to people, places, dreams, and opportunities.
Our revenue is generated from aeronautical, non-aeronautical and non-core sources.

is derived from government-regulated charges or tariffs paid by airlines. These include fees for aircraft landing, aircraft parking and passenger services.

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is derived from multiple sources that include retail sales, concession fees, property leases, parking fees, hotel operations and advertising.

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is derived from equity investments abroad and from providing technical advisory and consultancy services to airports.