Contributions to our sustainability framework

Our commitment to the transformation of our business, our people, society, and the environment is integral to our organisation. Our transformation objectives are aligned with our strategic objectives and contribute to our Sustainability Framework in the following ways:

Our business

  • Black-owned business shares 50% of our commercial revenue.
  • Interventions across seven sectors, as aligned with our Transformation Strategy, maximise our contribution to the growth of black-owned businesses and the creation of jobs and opportunities.
  • We supported 16 225 job opportunities during the reporting period.

Our people and society

  • We maintained a Level 2 B-BBEE level and a 125% recognition level.
  • Black South African employees represent 96.3% of our workforce.
  • 46,1% of our workforce, while persons with disabilities represent 2.08%.
  • Our socio-economic development investment of R13.7 million supported projects in our focus areas of education, philanthropy, youth, and women’s empowerment.

Our environment

  • All of our airports maintained ISO 14001:2015 accreditation for environmental management.
  • Four of our airports maintained Level 2 airport carbon emissions certification.
Our Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) Journey

The company has taken a proactive step towards embracing ESG principles as a key component of our reporting strategy. This approach will be a fundamental element of our upcoming integrated report for the coming years. The ACSA board has officially embraced an ESG framework, and we are currently in the process of refining our integrated thinking methodology. This involves benchmarking our practices with those of other airports and engaging in meaningful consultations with our essential stakeholders.


As we navigate the post‑covid-19 pandemic landscape, we are shifting our attention beyond just compliance with legal and regulatory obligations. We are also embracing a pragmatic approach aimed at bolstering our support for our workforce, suppliers, and society at large. Furthermore, our unwavering commitment to sustainable environmental practices remains at the forefront of our efforts.

Moving ahead, our comprehensive transformation agenda, fortified by the dedicated efforts of our transformation working group, will steer these initiatives.