Leveraging six key capital inputs, we enhance value through innovation, streamlined processes, efficient procedures, and effective governance, ultimately resulting in a diverse array of quantifiable outputs.

Our Sustainability Framework, depicted in the following graphic, is aligned with the International <IR> Framework. It demonstrates the way in which we use our inputs to secure the sustainability of our business, contribute to the communities we serve and protect the natural environment in which we operate.

Sustainability Framework
Focus area Capital inputs Intended outcomes

Business Sustainability and Growth

Financial Capital
Manufactured Capital
Intellectual Capital

Business and financial stability

A diversified business model

An extensive geographic footprint

Purpose-built and well-managed infrastructure

Consistently superior passenger and visitor experiences

A reputation for good governance, innovation, and excellence

Sustainable business growth

Our People and Society

Human Capital
Social and Relationship Capital

Ongoing business transformation

A diverse, well-trained, properly supported, suitably rewarded and satisfied workforce

Informed and satisfied stakeholders

A valuable contribution to socio-economic transformation as a whole

Our Environment

Natural Capital

Stringent management of our environmental impact as a business

Consistent progress towards becoming carbon neutral