Stakeholders are at the heart of everything we do and, since 2018, we have been working to become more stakeholder-centric throughout our organisation. Guided by our stakeholder relations management strategy, which is aligned with our recover and sustain strategy and our growth strategy, we are increasing our level of stakeholder engagement and being more proactive in all situations. We are aware of the critical role that stakeholders play in value creation and our long-term sustainability, and we are playing an active role in nurturing and enriching those relationships.

In particular, we continue to prioritise engagement with government, the financial community, the aviation industry, and the private sector about key issues such as business sustainability, funding, and the operation of airports according to best-practice operational and environmental guidelines.

Stakeholder groups

As the operator responsible for running the country’s nine largest public airports, our stakeholder groups extend throughout society and the economy. The following diagram broadly illustrates the stakeholder ecosystem we engage with on an ongoing basis.

The Stakeholder ecosystem
Stakeholder categories and methods of engagement

During the review of our strategy 2025 in 2020, we updated the way in which we categorise our stakeholders in order to facilitate more active and effective engagement. The following tables illustrate how we categorise our stakeholder groups and the strategies we employ to engage with them.

Value Creation
Stakeholder category
Passengers, airlines, tenants and concessionaires Internal stakeholders
Stakeholder group
Passengers and customers Domestic and international airlines Tenants and concessionaires Employees Unions Board of Directors
Engagement approaches
Traditional media, digital platforms Meetings Meetings and group presentations
  • CEO live broadcast
  • Virtual Town Hall sessions
Consultation sessions Board meetings
Stakeholder category
Oversight and regulation Shareholders Finance community
Stakeholder group
DoT National Treasury Economic Regulating Committee National Treasury Portfolio Committee on Transport DoT, PIC, minority Investors Lenders Moody’s
Engagement approaches
  • Annual general meetings
  • Shareholder meetings
  • Quarterly meetings
  • Parliament presentation
  • Quarterly scheduled Meetings
  • One-on-one update meetings
Quarterly scheduled meetings Oversight visits Parliament presentation
  • AGMs
  • Scheduled update meetings on business recovery, corporate plan and financial plan
  • Investor virtual Conference
  • Meetings
  • Investor Roadshows
  • One-on-one meetings
One-on-one meetings
Social Responsiveness
Stakeholder category
Independent stakeholders Dependent stakeholders
Stakeholder group
Media Community NGOs Environment Activists and special interest groups
Engagement approaches
  • Interviews
  • Media briefings meetings
Stakeholder category
Industry bodies Private sector
Stakeholder group
Associations ACI, ICAO, IATA Tourism bodies Partners Air Access Joint venture partners
Engagement approaches
Meetings Conferences and forums Meetings and forums Meetings Meetings
Stakeholder engagement cycle

Engagement with our stakeholders is conducted according to established procedures. The following diagram outlines the way in which we continuously engage with our stakeholders.

Cycle of stakeholder engagement plan development